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Frankie4 Footwear: Are they worth it? Best styles?

I just want to say straight up that this is not a product review, nor was I contacted by Frankie4 to write a post on their products. Since I started sharing my everyday style over on my social media, I seem to be getting a ton of messages or comments on my Frankie4 Shoe collection. As such, I thought that I would put together a bit of a blog post addressing a few of the questions that keep popping up...

Why Frankie4 Shoes?

Now I am not sure if I told my readers this, but last year during my pregnancy I suffered a major (and scary) injury to my back from damage to my discs that affected my nerves. I am not entirely sure what caused it, but I lost mobility down my left leg and ended up in hospital for over 3 weeks unable to walk, move or even go to the toilet! It took the longest time to rehabilitate myself to walk again (and loads of money with a physio and oesteo) and when I did it was a slow, awkward, expensive and painful process.
Once the pregnancy was over (and after countless months of physio and oesteo), I found that the leg pain had eased up but I was getting pain in my feet. It literally felt like I had glass stuck in my foot and was getting an electric shock when I walked. After seeing a podiatrist they explained that the damage to my back was causing nerve damage in my feet. I was ordered to give up my thongs, ballet flats and sandals pronto!! The podiatrist gave me a long list of shoe companies to try (which quite frankly my 70 year old Mum would blanch at!), so upon doing my own research I discovered Frankie4, which are a range of footwear designed by a podiastrist/physio. 
I was a little shocked to see the price of 'good' footwear. I am used to spending hundreds of dollars on shoes, but on Kmart cheapies and lots of them! So it was a real mindset change to invest all my pennies into one pair of shoes, but I had no other choice.

Are they worth the money?

The biggest fear I had was that I would spend all this money and still have issues with my feet, but I decided to bite the bullet and try out the Frankie4 Nat style (in blush). Honestly when these arrived and I wore them, I literally wanted to cry. They are worth EVERY SINGLE CENT (and I must admit afterpay softened the blow financially).
When people ask me if they are worth the money, it is a met with a big YES! But I do like to warn them that once you have a pair of these, you literally will not be able to go back into any of your old shoes again, I haven't been able to.

What is the best everyday style?

I started off in the Nat style as I felt that these were a fantastic everyday style. I decided to go with the blush shade as it is so neutral and works with so much that I wear.

I was wearing my Nat shoes to death and then decided to order the Jackie style (in silver) and these were even more life changing!! The Nat style offers supreme comfort, but Jackie manages to raise it up a notch! These are literally my most favourite pair of shoes that I own, hands down.

A lot of people ask me about the silver colour. I find metallic (silver or gold) to be quite neutral to wear. I tend to wear navy, cream, soft grey and blush in my wardrobe and find silver compliments each of these. These are a fun style to wear with everything from tee dresses to jeans and everything in between.

I love the Jackie style so much that I recently saved my pennies and purchased the white/navy pair. These are a gorgeous wardrobe staple, but my heart still belongs to the Silver coloured pair for versatility.


What about for Winter?

Frankie4 has the most beautiful range of boots that are no more expensive that those you'd find at Wittner, Midas or Joanne Mercer for example. I was extremely fortunate to have been sent a pair of the SaLLi boots (in tan) to try out for Winter this year. These are an absolutely beautiful everyday style and you'll notice on my social media that I have these on constantly now the temperature has dropped here in Melbourne.


I wear these with my pretty dresses and also my jeans - they are a great pair to dress up or down and the heel size is just right.
I have my eye on the gorgeous Izzy style next. While the SaLLi is a go with everything style, I like the idea of a slightly higher heel for dressier occasions.

And Summer?

The summer collection had totally sold out in my size by the time I found out about Frankie4 this year. Needless to say, as soon the new range arrives I will be placing an order straight away! I would love a gorgeous tan pair of sandals for summer.
Frankie4 still have the Hilary and Maria slides in stock if you are lucky enough to be heading to Europe or the US for some warm weather soon.


Where can I try and buy? 

Frankie 4 are primarily sold online through their website if you are not local to their Queensland concept store. They also offer free returns and delivery, so it is a risk free way to try. If you don't like them, then you simply pop back in the post (for free).
There are a handful of stockists around the country (and online too).
If you happen to be in Melbourne, the Melbourne pop up is coming to town from June 15-18 at the Collingwood Town Hall. There will be loads of styles to try, get fitted for and buy. They are also offering 20% off for purchases which is absolutely amazing as promo sales don't come up very often. I will be heading along to the Pop Up hoping to nab my Izzy boots!

Hope that this posts answers your questions on the Frankie4 range. If you have any more, please feel free to drop me a line. Hand on heart, these shoes really have saved me so much pain. I truly hop they save you 'soles' as much as they have mine.

Do you love Frankie4? What's your fave style?

* Post contains affiliate links in line with my disclosure policy.

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