Monday, 17 September 2018

5 Super Easy Ways to Save on your Electricity Bills

{This post is a collaboration between Utterly Organised and Electricity Monster}
If the sight of yet another electricity bill in your letterbox is enough to give you a mild heart attack, then hopefully these 5 super easy and simple tips will help you save on your next electricity bill. Because the less money spent on electricity, means more spent on new clothes or shoes right?!

1. Unplug!

This one could not be easier to do right now - unplug! Most of us are in the habit of keeping our high use appliances on standby - the main culprits here are the TV, laptop/PC and washing machine.
But breaking this habit and switching appliances off at the power point, has to be one of the quickest and easiest ways to see some instant savings on your electricity bill.

2. Be on time!

Many electricity providers offer you an incentive to pay your bill on time (or early) in the form of a significant discount. Make sure you take note of the discount date (and not just the due date of the bill) to take advantage of this saving each month.



3. Switch (and switch off) your bulbs

If you still have the old school incandescent or halogen light bulbs in your home, consider swapping these over for the new energy efficient bulbs readily available on the market. These will not only save you money on your electricity bills, but they last so much longer too.
Train your kids (and big kids) to switch off lights every time they leave the room. Sounds so simple, but I bet if you monitor and enforce this for a week, you'll realise just how much you could be saving by switching the switch.


4. Shop around

Hands down, this has to be the best way to save you some money on your bill each month. Major electricity companies know that as consumers and businesses we are time poor, confused and a little bit overwhelmed when it comes to knowing how to shop around for the best deal. Lucky for us, Electricity Monster takes the hard work out of shopping around for the best deal. Best part? They do it for free and offer a peace of mind guarantee too.
How does it work?
Electricity Monster compares electricity suppliers in your local area to find the one offering the sharpest rate for your home or business. Once they have sourced the best rate for you, they then handle the changeover too. Rest assured you won't be left with no power, there's absolutely no disruption to power and the process generally only takes as little as 15 minutes. For more information, or to get started, simply pop over to their easy to navigate website.

5. Overpay - in a good way!

This is a game changer folks! We try and overpay each bill we get throughout the year, so that our account is always in credit. By overpaying each month, by the time you reach the expensive, pointy end of the year in December you will be left with a small bill - or better still nothing to pay! If you are in a position to do this, it really does ease the financial burden at Christmas time.
For more amazing money saving tips, be sure to check out the Electricity Monster blog.
What do you do to save money on your bills in your house? Love to hear your tips or advice.



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