Sunday, 11 November 2018

Organising my Accessory Collection

As a lover of all things fashion, one of my biggest dreams was to have a walk in wardrobe. So when we drew up plans for our second extension (some almost 4 years ago now!) I was pretty darn excited to be able to include a small one just for me in the plan. I kept a wall aside for my accessories and it has taken all these years to come up with the perfect (and most functional) solution to display my accessories.
You see I have toyed with earring drawers and counter top organisers - but with 4 small kids (and very inquisitive little hands) the need to hang everything was essential. I also love the fact that hanging everything in such a visible spot in my wardrobe makes me a bit more likely to wear what I have. You see I have very a bad habit of 'out of sight, out of mind' and I tend to buy what I already have - oops!

So what have I used?

By far the biggest hero (and my most loved thing) in this set up is the amazing Earring Organiser by Bon Maxi.
After a pretty big cull (yes there were seriously more pairs than this), I was able to fit all of my earrings on to the Mega Sized earring holder from the Bon Maxie range. The Mega sized is designed to hold up to 233 pairs, dependent of course on how many dangly versus studs you have in your collection.
If you have a slightly more modest collection, then the hanger also comes in a mid and mini size above - and in loads of different colours and designs too! If you're unsure about what size will best suit you, the lovely folks at Bon Maxi have put together a little page to help which you can read here.
How much? The Mega size retails at $69.00
Next up I used the Necklace Organiser from Bon Maxie. I have nicknamed it the 'everything holder' because seriously this can be used for necklaces, belts, hair accessories, ties - EVERYTHING!
With 11 generous sized slots, I decided to use this for my scarf collection and it is perfect! If you didn't want to have yours out on display, this fits perfectly over a wardrobe rail and is super sturdy.
How much? The necklace organiser retails for $39.00
Nothing fancy about 3M hooks, but they were perfect to create a practical, visual display for my necklaces.
I have quite a few, as you can see, so I opted for a hook that could hold the appropriate amount of weight and spread them across the wall. I have tried to group in colour to make it easy when selecting what to pop on in a rush.
How much? The 3M hooks can be purchased in a variety of sizes and at a variety of price points. Check out Kmart or Bunnings.

I am desperate to get my hands on some Bon Maxie Goodies, is there a cheeky reader discount?!

I hear you! Bon Maxie seriously have the most stylish and sturdy organising range that I have seen too. Until midnight on Monday 26th of November, Utterly Organised readers have the chance to save a very generous 15% off all full priced items online. To redeem simply pop in the following code at the checkout stage:
With Christmas just around the corner, Bon Maxie products would make a fantastic little gift for your accessory loving friends or family members - or just for you!!
You're welcome!
A huge thank you to Clare at Bon Maxie for allowing my to try out the range and share it with you guys x


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